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Finally experiencing IPS live again - at the Universités de l'AN2V

For the first time since the beginning of the pandemic, IPS was present at an event - Les Universités de l'AN2V (Association National de Video Protection) took place in Lyon on 28 and 29 June. As a member of the French association, Securiton's technology brand IPS accompanied this event for the first time with an exhibition stand where the company presented its IPS VideoManager and IPS VideoAnalytics.

For two days, all participants were able to discuss, exchange opinions and take part in various plenary conferences or workshops to gain insights into current security solutions. In addition, the 52 partners, including IPS, showed the latest technological innovations in an exhibition area.

Already the first day was very busy. The visitors - technical or security managers from municipal offices, ministries, authorities, or the police - were enthusiastic about the IPS VideoManager. Especially the unique IPS 3D technology and the IPS Dome Tracker analytics, which enables the automatic tracking of a suspicious person across several camera images and a corresponding display in the site plan, met with lively interest.

Other exhibitors included Genetec, Milestone, Foxstream, Prysm or major integrators from France such as SNEF. "We were able to make valuable contacts with operators of critical infrastructures, which is exactly the target group for our products," said Partner Manager Alain H. Benoit. "Although Securiton already enjoys a high profile in this region with its fire protection solutions, many were not yet aware that Securiton's IPS technology brand offers comprehensive video security solutions. I am pleased that we have been able to educate here."

A grand gala evening on Tuesday 28 June allowed attendees to discuss the day's highlights and explore topics in more depth in a convivial setting.


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