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IPS supports Solution Partner in high security projects in Croatia

Securiton's technology brand IPS is visiting customers in Croatia with Solution Partner Leadtech. Some new projects in the field of high security are waiting for IPS there and its video management system IPS VideoManager is very well received.

It feels like an eternity since the international partner management of Securiton's technology brand IPS was able to pay customer visits. At the beginning of February, however, Partner Manager Alain H. Benoit had the opportunity to visit IPS Solution Partner Leadtech in Croatia to tackle new projects in the field of high security. Indeed, Leadtech‘s Managing Director Goran Kanic had a potential customer from the energy supply sector with 100 transformer stations, who is planning another 100 installations with 8 to 10 cameras each. To secure the new facilities with modern video surveillance, IPS presented the IPS VideoManager 3D and IPS VideoAnalytics.

The customers were impressed by the vivid comparison of classic and intelligent video surveillance. This left no doubt that IPS intelligent video surveillance with the 3D function saves security officers a lot of stress because intruders are detected in time, tracked automatically and without manual control. This gives the operator the time to call the police or take other measures. At the on-site appointment, Benoit gave additional advice on the positioning of the cameras so that the right images are transmitted to the video management system to detect unwanted persons or objects as early as possible.

Last but not least, the mention of already existing large installations at the German transmission grid operator Amprion and other references made a powerful impression.

Another customer visit to a manufacturer of payment cards was also very successful. The customer already secures the outside of the building with IPS VideoManager. He was also enthusiastic about the 3D function and is considering also securing the existing somewhat older system inside his building with IPS. For a company in the high-security sector, it is an absolute must to be well protected. With intelligent video surveillance, he can prevent potential intrusion by unauthorised persons as well as theft or vandalism.

Last but not least, Mr. Benoit and Mr. Kanic visited the construction site of a logistics company that also uses the IPS VideoManager which they want to continue using in the their new buildings.

"This was a really worthwhile trip and it clearly shows that we are a sought-after partner in the field of high security. We are on a very good path here with our partner in Croatia and the talks were more than promising," Benoit sums up after his trip.



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