IPS Loitering Detection

No chance for loiterers

IPS Loitering Detection

No chance for loiterers

IPS Loitering Detection

Intelligent Video Analytics for maximum security

The intelligent video analytics IPS Loitering Detection alerts you in real time if persons are present in predefined areas for an unusually long time. In case of suspicion, you can intervene quickly and prevent unwanted events such as vandalism.  With its zone concept, it allows precise detection of suspicious movements. Up to 30 minutes can be set for a person's presence before the analytics sends an alarm. In addition, it can be optimally adapted to its environmental conditions. The analytics module is suitable for indoor and outdoor applications and offers reliable detection of loiterers even in difficult weather conditions.

IPS Loitering Detection offers the following:

  • Real-time alerting of loitering in monitored area.

  • Detection of loitering and slow movements as well as activity detection

  • Video image analysis based on machine learning technologies guarantees low false alarm rate

  • Configuration of detection, alarm and priority zones

  • Setting of object sizes, object directions, object distances, perspectives and application variants

  • Object dwell time adjustable up to 30 minutes

  • 3D georeferencing and simultaneous object confirmation possible (IPS VideoManager)

  • Object classifier and filtering (IPS VideoManager)

Particularly suitable for

Control centres ++ Stations ++ Banks ++ Prisons ++ Industry ++ Authorities ++ Logistics

Your Benefits

Reliable detection of loitering and low false alarm rate in difficult weather conditions

Intuitive installation and configuration

Activity-driven recording and search reduces bandwidth and storage requirements

Cost advantage through early detection of suspicious behaviour and thus avoidance of incidents


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