IPS NextGen VideoAnalytics

The next generation of intelligent video analytics

IPS NextGen VideoAnalytics

The next generation of intelligent video analytics

IPS NextGen VideoAnalytics

Ultimate security through compact analytics in one module

IPS, as a pioneer in video analytics, heralds the future with IPS NextGen VideoAnalytics. In this groundbreaking product, different intelligent video analytics are combined in one module, where previously several individual modules were necessary. The newly designed, clearly arranged user interface was developed according to the latest findings in technology, design and ergonomics and is based on the graphic standard Google Material Design. The new operating concept ensures increased user-friendliness. By creating individual graphical rules, many application scenarios can be covered, leaving the user very free in the choice of application. Due to the combination of various algorithms, a wide variety of scenarios can now be mapped in one camera channel (i.e. in one camera image) - in parallel or linked by rules - e.g. protection of a perimeter against intrusion, unauthorised zone transgressions, etc. Of course, detection and alerting take place in real time as usual.

The IPS NextGen VideoAnalytics offer the following:

  • Automatic generation of alarm rules through flexible graphical configuration of zones and objects.
  • Several independent rules are possible in one configuration
  • Several rules can be chained
  • Alarming in case of intrusion or zone violation
  • Real-time alerting based on the defined rules
  • Forensic search using stored metadata
  • Trained AI technologies to support intrusion suppression and person detection
  • Motion and activity detection
  • Alerting in case of camera tampering attempts such as covering, twisting, blinding
  • Consideration of object sizes and perspectives
  • Available in two consecutive versions: Standard, Professional
  • Reduced bandwidth and memory requirements
  • Optimal cost/benefit ratio through integration of several analytics and scenarios in one module

Detection modules

Includes the following functions:

  • The analytics function of the IPS Loitering Detection to detect people loitering
  • The analytics function of the IPS Privacy Protection to protect and preserve privacy


Loitering Detection

The duration of stay of people or objects can be set very easily using graphic symbols, so that uninvited guests staying in a zone or on one spot for a longer period of time can be detected.

Protection of privacy

With this module it is easy to either mask entire areas or cover people with a colour block - nobody can be recognized anymore and the data protection regulations are complied with.

Particularly suitable for the protection of facilities in the field of:

++ Critical infrastructures ++ Petrochemical ++ Industry ++ Authorities ++ VIP


Very high quality standard for person detection through the use of AI technology

Programming experience is not required due to effortless rule creation

Easy choice of expandability from standard to professional variant

Flexibility through many possible combinations of zones, analytics and rules


IPS NextGen VideoAnalytics
Functions Licences
  Standard Professional 
Basic functionality    
Number of zones unlimited unlimited
Number of rules (including sabotage detection) 2 5
Number of links within one rule 0 2
Motion detection x x
Alarm in case of sabotage (Blinding, covering, redirecting) x x
Alarm in case of zone intrusion x x
Alarm in case of passing from one zone to another   x
Masking of zones (irreversibel) x x
Masking of zones and objects (reversible / irreversible)   x
Alarm according to object    
General objects x x
Persons (fully visible, standing upright)   x
Alarm according to behaviour    
Loitering Alarm / Loitering in a zone   x
Loitering Alarm / Loitering in a certain position   x
Camera / Sensor Support    
Analytics for RGB cameras x x
Analytics for thermal cameras -  
Upgrade Licences (available for cameras with NextGen VA in Package) Standard Professional 
Upgrade Standard -> Professional x  

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