IPS Public Transport

Platform and track bed monitoring to protect lives

IPS Public Transport

Platform and track bed monitoring to protect lives

IPS Public Transport Protection

Intelligent video analytics for maximum security at railway stations

IPS Public Transport Protection is an intelligent video analytics module for real-time alerting of potential emergencies in underground and overground railway facilities. It detects people and trains and identifies people at risk in the track bed. It also determines the presence and behaviour of people on the platform. It thus enables the reliable detection of dangerous situations even in difficult lighting and weather conditions. It is easy to install and configure and suitable for indoor and outdoor applications.

Das bietet Ihnen die IPS Public Transport Protection:

  • Real-time alerting if persons are present in the track bed.
  • Real-time alerting if persons are within the safety strip when the train enters (e.g. activation of an automatic announcement)
  • Train detection, object detection and tracking, and activity detection
  • Video image analysis based on machine learning technologies guarantees low false alarm rate
  • Configuration of detection and track bed zone
  • Configuration of the safety strip
  • Setting of object sizes, perspectives and deployment variants
  • Flexibly adjustable alarm criteria, trigger time and alarm intervals

Particularly suitable for

Train Stations (underground, suburban railway), above and below ground

Your Benefits

Automated platform and track bed monitoring to support and relieve your staff

Reliable detection even with a high volume of people

Enables suicide prevention and immediate intervention in potential emergencies

Cost advantage through early detection of suspicious behaviour and thus avoidance of incidents


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