Made in Germany seit 1965


Made in Germany seit 1965


  • New analytics is launched: IPS NextGen VideoAnalytics - all modules in one package
  • IPS VideoManager has a new IPS Client
  • IPS wins Benchmark Innovation Award für the analytics module IPS Dome Tracker
  • IPS wins GIT SECURITY Award for the new product IPS NextGen VideoAnalytics


  • IPS Critical Infrastructure Protection gewinnt Benchmark Innovation Award


  • IPS becomes first manufacturer of video analytics integrated on the Hikvison HEOP camera platform
  • In the same year, IPS wins the Benchmark Innovation Award for the IPS VideoManager with 3D technology.


  • IPS celebrates its 50th anniversary.



  • With its product IPS Intrusion Detection, IPS is the first manufacturer to receive the iLIDS certificate as a primary detection system for camera-based video analytics.


  • IPS is the first manufacturer to port video analytics to a camera platform. The first camera-based analytics IPS VideoAnalytics (Axis) appears on the market and is integrated on the Axis camera platform ACAP.


iLids Certificate for the IPS Outdoor Analytics


IPS henceforth concentrates on the production of software and abandons the production of hardware. The first two versions of the incomparable IPS video management software, IPS VideoManager 1.0 and 2.0, are launched together with the plug-in video analytics.


IPS is taken over by Securiton GmbH and will continue as an independent business unit with its already long-established IPS brand.


IPS introduces the first object tracking analytics in connection with its patented zone concept. This concept is still used today by all current VMS. Both methods have been patented.


The first video sensor with microprocessor is launched - the Teleguard 2000 with digital image processing supports colour cameras and monitors 1024 detection fields


IPS Teleguard 128 - Monitor kann in 128 Felder unterteilt werden UND Verknüpfung von 2 Kameras zur Alarmverifikation


IPS is developing the Deltaguard, the first video sensor to detect changes in brightness at a single point for outdoor use.


Founding of Industrietechnik Peter Schubert GmbH by Peter Schubert.  At that time he was running a TV shop with an associated workshop in Munich.

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