Protect your premises from burglary

Are you responsible for security in government buildings, prisons or other public facilities such as schools, hospitals or government offices?  You are familiar with the challenges involved in protecting these facilities, some with high public traffic, or in monitoring prison inmates?  With its video surveillance system, IPS Intelligent Video Software can provide you with effective support in order to maintain an overview in stressful situations and to detect incidents such as vandalism or attempted breakouts at an early stage.  Regardless of whether it is a single location or kilometers of property boundaries (open, fenced or walled), with IPS you have the right solution for particularly sensitive systems in the high-security area.

IPS solutions for your security

Secure your facility against attacks - with our IP-based video management software

IPS VideoManager

IPS VideoManager for live observation or also for recording and image evaluation later.  With IPS 3D technology for high security.

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IPS VideoAnalytics

With the video analytics module IPS Outdoor Detection you are able to secure your outdoor areas. You will immediately receive an alarm if people break in or out.

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Your Benefits

  • Intelligent video surveillance from IPS protects against potentially dangerous situations.
  • Your employees get a better feeling of security.
  • Your security staff receives an early alarm if, for example, people enter or leave a defined area or dwell in it for a certain period of time
  •  The recorded images support the investigation of vandalism, break-outs, theft, attacks, etc.
  • The software has a clear, user-friendly architecture
  • Easy installation and configuration

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