IPS VideoManager

More than video surveillance - keeping an eye on everything thanks to quality made in Germany

IPS VideoManager

More than video surveillance - keeping an eye on everything thanks to quality made in Germany

IPS VideoManager – video surveillance with intelligent alarm management for high-security areas

Video surveillance has become indispensable for the protection of highly sensitive facilities such as power plants, industrial plants or prisons. This is an essential step towards detecting dangers at an early stage, deterring potential criminals, dispatching security personnel to the scene of an emergency as quickly as possible, but also identifying perpetrators, tracing the events of the crime and thus increasing the overall sense of security among your customers.

Thanks to the integrated automated alarm management, the intelligent video surveillance software from IPS enables you to go beyond the usual features of reliable recording, monitoring, control and management of all surveillance cameras to an automated alarm management that can be fully configured according to your personal needs to relieve your staff to a maximum.

With IPS VideoMAnager, you have a full view of your facilities - even when you are not sitting in front of the screen. As soon as something unusual happens, you not only receive an automatic message, but the system can also trigger fully automated intervention measures! In this way, appropriate actions can be taken immediately and damage can be limited.

In combination with the IPS video analytics, the VideoManager ensures comprehensive preventive protection of your facilities.

Benefit from video management and video analysis from a single source - a perfect interplay of functions that are coordinated with one another and therefore do not cause any interface problems. 

Make use of this unique advantage.

This is what the IPS VideoManager offers you:

The combination of different functions enables the user to quickly and specifically reconstruct past events.

  • Video management and video analytics perfectly coordinated
  • Fully automated preventive alarm management
  • Immediate synchronous playback in the live view (Instant Replay)
  • Recording search using time and event filters
  • The intelligent filtering of activity recordings (Smart Search)
  • The unique IPS TimeMachine for screen recording
  • High image quality that significantly contributes to a successful police search
  • Exact localization of the object as well as automatic object tracking within the entire monitoring area provided by 3D georeferencing
  • Find out more about our 3D VMS

Particularly suitable for

Eenergy sector ++ Industry ++ Prisons ++ Authorities ++ Control centers ++ Logistics

Your Benefits:

Unique IPS 3D Technology enables the automatic as well as manual (e.g. click in plan) control of PTZ cameras; Display of motion profiles and camera segments

Open interfaces and support of standard protocols for easy integration of other systems, e.g. access control, license plate recognition etc.

Deep Integration of IPS video analytics for real-time detection of critical events or forensic analytics

Flexible licensing and unlimited expansion options for optimal future security

The right solution for every system - we have different expansion levels for both small and medium-sized and large video security systems.

IPS VideoManager

Supports an unlimited number of cameras and clients and provides extensive video management functions. Suitable for small to medium-sized facilities.


IPS VideoManager Video management system (VMS)

The IP-based platform for comprehensive, multi-server video security systems. It supports an unlimited number of cameras and clients. Suitable for large facilities.


IPS VideoManager-3D-Videomanagementsystem 
(3D VMS)

For georeferenced, multi-server video security systems. It supports an unlimited number of cameras and clients. Ideally suited for large properties for fully automated, cross-camera tracking of objects, e.g. in the energy sector, industry, prisons.

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IPS VideoManager Multi Site Management 

The platform for the higher-level operation of independent video surveillance systems.  Developed for operators and security officers of many geographically distributed properties.  Ideal for use in higher-level emergency and service control centers.

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To find the solution most suitable for you, go to our Feature Matrix.


Access your IPS VideoManager from anywhere

Desktop, Mobile & Web Client

In addition to desktop use, other access options are available.

  • IPS MobileClient: IPS MobileClient for mobile video surveillance on the road or at home, for use on iPhone and ipad. It offers immediate and convenient remote access. It thus enables the display, playback and processing of events in the surveillance area as well as the initiation of immediate measures if required.
  • IPS WebClient for use on PC and laptop or ipad. The web-based application is supported by the most common web browsers and provides efficient access. It allows intuitive viewing, playback and alarm handling from anywhere on any internet-enabled computer without installing additional software.


Where to buy the IPS VideoManager?

Our IPS VideoManager is available through our partner network of selected Solution Partners.


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