IPS NextGen Client

The new Client for our IPS VideoManager provides much improved overview

IPS NextGen Client

The new Client for our IPS VideoManager provides much improved overview

New: IPS NextGen Client

Unique ease of use for more security

With the launch of IPS VideoManager version 12, a new client is available which is even more user-friendly and intuitive to operate. The new client of the IPS VideoManager is based on the graphic standard Google Material Design, which is widely used on the web. Developed according to the latest findings in technology, design and ergonomics, it convinces with maximum clarity and intuitive user guidance.

The toolbar, which can be moved from right to left, ensures a structured arrangement of resources such as cameras, site plans or digital inputs. For example, the surveillance cameras that one particularly wants to keep an eye on or frequently uses can be arranged under the well-known favourites star. The user-friendliness also impresses with the option of selecting the entry for a camera in the resource list as a simple or detailed display, for example with a preview image and camera details or without. Defined camera groups are automatically displayed with the correct number of windows. The new interface can be set both light and dark, depending on the lighting conditions at the respective workplace.

The IPS NextGen Client offers the following:

  • Clear user interface based on the Google Material Design graphic standard
  • High performance
  • Resources (cameras, digital inputs, site plans) can be saved as favourites
  • Camera groups are automatically displayed with the correct number of windows
  • Display of the IPS NextGen Client in window or full screen mode
  • Optionally compact (simple) or detailed display of the resource list with preview images
  • Resource list can be arranged on the right or left
  • Light or dark design (day/night mode) can be activated
  • Operating levels: Live + alarm page

Out now: Easy to use search page

For subsequent search of incidents with maximum flexibility

  • The operator has three options to search through recordings: ?
    • directly in the camera list
    • in the the alarm recordings
    • in all recordings
  • The period of the search can be narrowed down: either by entering the back period (hours) or by entering date and time
  • Clear playback control with indication of the respective recording type by red, yellow or green recording tracks (detection, motion, continuous recording) for simplified event detection

Your Benefits:

Improved clarity of the interface, more user-friendly and intuitive operation


Switching from day/night mode makes VDU work less tiring

Favourites ensure quicker viewing and operation of cameras

Resource list offers faster access to the cameras through detailed display with preview image

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