IPS VideoAnalytics

Detecting danger before it is too late

IPS VideoAnalytics

Detecting danger before it is too late

IPS VideoAnalytics

Video analytics as an effective supplement to your video security system

The IPS VideoAnalytics modules are available as the highest expansion level of a video management system in terms of security, automation and stress reduction for security personnel. The live monitoring of (large) properties or the viewing of stored video data and its evaluation are becoming increasingly time-consuming and thus cost-intensive as the number of surveillance cameras increases. In addition, it is a well-known fact that the attention of security staff significantly decreases after a short time when monitoring screens on which nothing happens for a long time. This may result in security-relevant events being missed.

The intelligent IPS video analytics inform you in real time and even preventively about undesired objects and events, thus enabling timely intervention by your security staff before something happens. A variety of sophisticated video analytics functions are available to help you find the right analytics product for your individual use case. IPS VideoAnalytics increase the effectiveness of your video surveillance system by reducing data volumes, relieving your security staff and making relevant video material quickly accessible.

With its wide range of intelligent analytic modules, IPS always offers the user the perfect solution for a variety of applications. IPS VideoAnalytics are suitable for small to very large properties and applications and are already used by a large number of European companies. In combination with the video management IPS VideoManager, the IPS VideoAnalytics form a comprehensive overall solution for ultimate protection. They are perfectly coordinated with each other and interface problems created by products from different manufacturers are a thing of the past.

The IPS VideoAnalytics offer the following:

  • Increased security due to early detection of potential hazards.
  • Reduced workload for security staff thanks to immediate alerting in the event of an incident - no need to spend hours tracking down images
  • Cost savings thanks to early intervention in case of suspicion and thus averting the incident
  • Reduced need for storage space due to recording control - also for selected areas in the video image
  • Camera surveillance against manipulation attempts
  • Securing your property boundaries, the entire property (perimeter), facades and interior areas against break-ins and break-outs
  • Detection of loitering and suspicious behaviour
  • Protection of privacy (GDPR)
  • Preventive detection of suspicious objects
  • Securing critical infrastructures against attacks

Your Benefits

Highly reliable detection through machine learning technologies

Made in Germany - development in Germany for more than 50 years

Open interface - from stand-alone camera-based analytics to deep integration into IPS VideoManager

Intuitive user interface for easy configuration and operation

Server-based IPS VideoAnalytics

The intelligent analytics modules for real-time detection of security-relevant objects or events are installed on servers with their powerful multi-plugin architecture and configured with a client of the video management system. This facilitates the operation of one or more analytics modules per camera. In addition, they provide the transmission of event data and the display of meta data within video management systems.

Intelligent Video Analytics

New: IPS NextGen VideoAnalytics

IPS as a pioneer in video analytics takes the next step towards the future of intelligent video analytics. IPS NextGen VideoAnalytics combine several intelligent video analytics in one module, where previously several individual modules were necessary. The redesigned, clearly arranged user interface was developed according to the latest findings in technology, design and ergonomics and is based on the graphic standard Google Material Design. The new operating concept ensures increased user-friendliness. By creating individual graphic rules, many application scenarios can be covered, giving the user a great deal of freedom in the choice of application. Even several applications are possible for one camera channel. For example, a perimeter can be protected against intrusion and at the same time a scenario that alerts when people take a certain path through different zones. All analytics alert in real time as soon as a dangerous situation occurs.


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Activity detection

IPS Motion Detection reduces your video recording to the bare minimum - through activity-controlled recordings.

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Securing property boundaries

IPS Intrusion Detection protects against intrusion by unauthorised persons.

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Preventing break-ins and break-outs

IPS Outdoor Detection reliably detects break-in and break-out attempts in secured outdoor areas and on facades. In any weather.

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Critical Infrastructure Protection

IPS Critical Infrastructure Protection protects critical infrastructure against intrusion, loitering and sabotage.

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Object tracking

IPS Dome Tracker automatically detects and tracks moving objects within the surveillance area through PTZ control.

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Loitering Alarm

IPS Loitering Detection detects when unwanted persons stay too long in a defined area on your premises.

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Privacy Protection

IPS Privacy Protection protects your privacy by masking sensitive areas or moving people.

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Securing indoor areas

IPS Indoor Detection protects indoor spaces from unauthorised access and is specially adapted to the particular environmental conditions.

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Railway track monitoring

IPS Public Transport Detection detects endangered persons who have entered the track bed unintentionally or intentionally

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Luggage Detection

IPS Left Luggage Detection alerts to suspicious luggage in monitored indoor areas.

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Tamper protection

IPS Tamper Detection protects against tampering attempts such as defocusing of cameras in critical infrastructures.

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Detect camera sabotage

IPS Sabotage Detection alerts on camera tampering attempts such as covering, twisting, spraying, blinding

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