Industrial Plants

Industrial Plants

Protect your intellectual property from sabotage and theft

Are you the operator, planner or builder of an industrial plant and therefore responsible for protecting sensitive company values?  Regardless of whether in the automotive, food or pharmaceutical industry or on a large construction site for example - in the high-security area, protection against theft of intellectual property, know-how, prototypes, buildings and people must be guaranteed.  The responsibility for this is great.  A failure of the production line, for example, would have costly consequences.  And construction sites with copper cables and expensive machines can also be interesting for thieves.  According to recent media reports, such incidents on construction sites are becoming more and more frequent and the damage amounts to millions.

IPS solutions for your security

Protect your assets effectively - with our IP-based video management software:

IPS VideoManager

A user-friendly and reliable system for real-time monitoring of large areas, for recording and alerting in dangerous situations

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IPS VideoAnalytics

The IPS Intrusion Detection alerts immediately if unauthorized persons intrude into predefined outdoor areas.


IPS Vorteile

  • State-of-the-art video security technology from IPS protects against potentially dangerous situations.
  •  People can be tracked across the entire property by camera using object tracking.
  • Your security staff will receive an early warning if people enter prohibited zones, dwell in a certain location for a predefined time or behave suspiciously. 
  • Viewing the camera images is independent of location and time. 
  • The high resolution of the IPS VideoManager allows the smallest details to be seen. 
  • The video management system from IPS effectively supports your security staff and thus reduces personnel costs.


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