IPS Factor

IPS Factor

Video security is intelligent Video surveillance with the IPS Factor

What is the IPS factor?   

  • Unique: video management and video analytics from a single source
  • Inventive: 55 years of experience in the development of intelligent video analytics
  • Predictive: Highly stable early warning systems with preventive hazard detection
  • Reliable: System-based detection with real-time alarms
  • Intelligent: User support through fully automatic object tracking
  • Convincing: High-quality perimeter security,  even with poor visibility
  • Innovative: High-end video technology made in Germany

Securiton's technology brand IPS Intelligent Video Software illustrates with the IPS factor the unique merging of video management and video analysis from a single source.  Both were developed with and for each other.  More than 50 years of experience have resulted in analytics perfectly integrated into video management, which can be optimally configured and controlled without any interface problems - and deliver excellent results.  This makes our video security solutions highly stable and reliable early warning systems.  Dangerous situations are even recognized before they occur.  Automated detection of objects or people who have been in one place too long, for example, triggers an alarm in real time. 

In addition, the intelligent linking of several surveillance cameras supports the user with completely independent object tracking.  With the IPS 3D technology, people are tracked automatically and across multiple cameras.  This is particularly suitable for use in high-security applications - even in the top tier of perimeter security, i.e. the monitoring of properties and areas, starting at the outer border.  The video analytics deliver high-quality results, even when visibility is poor due to the weather.  Rain, fog or snowfall are no problem, even without the use of special cameras (e.g. thermal cameras) or other additional technologies. 

Practically free from false alarms, more than 2,000 installed video security systems are proof of highly reliable high-end video technology made in Germany.  Nine out of ten customers are convinced of the IPS factor and recommend our video security solutions to others, which motivates our inventive team time and again to top performance in order to keep their finger on the pulse - e.g. through the use of the latest technologies such as neural networks.

IPS. Reinventing video security since 1965.

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