Emergency and Service Control Centres

Emergency and Service Control Centres

Protect your customers' properties from theft and vandalism

Are you the operator of a 24/7 emergency and service control centres and entrusted with the remote monitoring of various properties?  Regardless of whether your customers are banks, factories or authorities - access to the systems and buildings must be protected and it is your task to act quickly in the event of an alarm.  In large control centers, hundreds of alarms can come together every day.  Editing them without efficient video surveillance is impossible.  With constant observation of the transmitted video material by the security personnel, attention drops after only a few minutes.  If a large number of monitors are added to a control center, you need additional technology.  With our intelligent IPS video analytics, only alarm recordings can be displayed on request and you can efficiently verify the alarm and initiate further measures.  Highly reliable algorithms guarantee you a low false alarm rate.

IPS solutions for your security

With the intelligent video surveillance software from IPS you receive a notification in the event of an alarm and can immediately see what has happened and what needs to be done.

IPS VideoManager

IPS VideoManager Multi-Site Management - for the central administration, control and configuration of an unlimited number of properties


IPS VideoAnalytics

The software-based analytics modules IPS VideoAnalytics for the preventive detection of dangerous situations.

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IPS Benefits

  • Direct intervention from a distance is possible
  • High burglary and perimeter protection
  • Effective alarm checking does not require time-consuming personnel deployment
  • Automated processing in the event of an alarm enables more connections with the same number of staff
  • Only when a security-relevant event is detected is the alarm triggered and the security personnel receive the relevant video images
  • Real and false alarms are easy to recognize; this greatly reduces the risk of unnesseary security team action - and saves costs
  • The system is equally effective for indoor and outdoor areas
  • Installation and configuration is easy


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