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New Software Version makes the IPS VideoManager even more sophisticated in its operation

Security expert Securiton Germany is launching version 14 of its IPS VideoManager software, once again underlining the unique fusion of video management and video analytics from a single source. Both the IPS NextGen Client and IPS NextGen VideoAnalytics are equipped with new functions that ensure even greater efficiency and easier operation.

IPS NextGen Client with sophisticated functions

With the new export functionality on the search page in the IPS NextGen Client, the software development team in Munich has achieved a real masterpiece. The user can export a large number of selected recordings at once. Gone are the days when he had to select and export each sequence individually. The time range for selecting the sequences in question can be set easily and in a user-friendly manner. The export is done as an archive file with password function. The function is excellent for handing over recorded evidence to the police, for example, and thus supporting criminal prosecution. Depending on the authorisation, the material can be masked so that zones or objects are unrecognisable and thus data protection can be observed.

In the small alarm cards in the overview list, which show the alarm situations as a preview image, privacy protection is also ensured by means of masking. The masking of objects and static zones has also been improved: Equipped with the appropriate rights, masking can be switched off so that all objects and zones are recognisable. For security officers, works councils or the police, this is a great help in solving crimes. 

The system configuration has also been simplified: With the help of the new configurator, which is available as an independent application, both the system and the analytics configuration can be carried out separately from the IPS NextGen Client. This is a real benefit for the user-optimised application of the video security system, as the client and configurator are available at the same time.

IPS NextGen VideoAnalytics for highest detection accuracy

IPS NextGen VideoAnalytics have also been extended to provide even more video intelligence. For example, the number of rules for the individual set-up of video analytics has increased from three to five. This provides more flexibility and an increase in the number of possible scenarios. In addition, the development team of the technology brand IPS improved the detection quality for small objects in the back of the image, so that the analysis captures this area just as precisely and detects possible irregularities and dangers in the entire video image with maximum effectiveness.

The function "Loitering Detection" has also been further developed. Until now, an alarm was triggered if a person stayed too long in a predefined zone. In the new version, the analysis alternatively sends an alarm if a person stays particularly long in one place within a zone. For example, if a person stays suspiciously long at the fence of a factory site and exceeds the maximum set dwell time.

The new version of the automatic number plate recognition with IPS VideoManager offers an extension to the camera models of the manufacturer Axis. Among other things, it allows the use of any number of black and white lists, through which the operator can react specifically to unauthorised vehicles. In the event of an incident, alarm images can be displayed and activated, and links to other workflows can be applied. In this way, selected cameras can be assigned to the various lists and the respective actions can be triggered, for example in the case of access authorisation in car parks by controlling barriers and gates.



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